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Rowing is a power-endurance sport that teaches teamwork, dedication, and athleticism. Anyone who attends Ann Arbor Public Schools and lives in the Huron High School District may participate. Our team is co-ed and typically 80-100 strong with a team of 6-8 experienced coaches. New rowers may start or participate in any season, but typically start in the fall. Our competitive seasons and structure are outlined below:


Fall season is a competitive club season that begins in August and finishes at the end of October. It is our long-distance endurance racing season featuring races from 3k to 5k in length. It is typically the season when most newbies ("novices") begin and learn fundamentals and technique in the relatively warm weather.


Winter season typically begins in December and goes through the first week of March. It is the bridge season to connect the fall into the spring and focuses on general indoor fitness, rowing machines, personal training, agility, injury prevention and technique. It is generally optional, allowing athletes to experiment with other winter sports if they choose and return to rowing in the spring.


Spring season is our competitive scholastic rowing season. The races are sprint races, 1k to 2k in length and feature many crews side by side. We begin with local races and build to regional and national races based on performance. All rowers race for the regular scholastic season, but only certain boats advance to post-season racing.

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