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fall Returning rowers

STEP 1. Get a Physical dated AFTER April 15

Here is a link to the MHSAA Physical Form. After completion,take a picture or pdf the FIRST page with the doctor’s signature. This will be uploaded into PlanetHS in Step 3.

*Physical Examination Requirements for Playing a Sport at Huron. Student's will NOT  be allowed to practice with or try-out for a Huron team or be issued any equipment unless a current physical form is on file in the Athletic Office prior to the first practice. NO EXCEPTIONS.

STEP 2. Complete the Pay to Participate (P2P) with Ann Arbor Rec & Ed
*(Huron, Community, ECA & WiHi Students Only)

Follow instructions at Use the Huron PTP Link - Open July 15. For the Fall Rowing Season, pay the full $265 (sport and insurance fee) amount now. If you don't participate in another sport for the rest of the year, you may ask for a refund from the athletic dept for the $250 by June 1. 

Once you receive your confirmation email from Rec & Ed, save as a pdf it or take a picture of the printout. 

You will need to upload your P2P confirmation/receipt into PlanetHS in Step 3.

STEP 3. Register/Complete Planet HS
*(Huron, Community, ECA & WiHi Students Only)

Please visit the Huron Athletic Department page at to register with Planet HS (now Student Central/Big Teams).  Both student and parent/guardian need a Planet HS account.

Everyone MUST check “Rowing-Fall” in the Interested Sports section in PlanetHS. Please complete all Health Forms and upload your P2P receipt.  You will need all sections to indicate "Complete"

There is a NEW FORM (Player Contract) this year which must be signed by BOTH student and parent.

Once all documents are uploaded and everything signed, you will receive notification of “Approved” from the school.  If you haven't received "Approved," notification, please review your PlanetHS account to determine what needs to be completed.

**Greenhills, WTMC, other qualified non-Huron students must email a copy of a recent physical (after 4/15/23) to

STEP 4. US Rowing Waiver

A valid US Rowing membership is required for each rower.  Sign into US Rowing at  You only need the "Basic Membership."

Once you have completed the Waiver section, you will need to RENEW or join “Huron Rowing Association - Ann Arbor Huron H.S.” by selecting the green "Renew" or "Join Organization" button on the "Membership Profile" page. The HRA Club Access Code is SD7DK.  

Our insurance is provided by US Rowing and each rower must complete an online waiver prior to rowing. Waivers must be completed by a parent if the rower is under 18 years of age. Rowers over 18 may complete their own.

STEP 5. Complete the HRA Roster

Huron Rowing Association (HRA) Roster and Emergency Contact Form

We collect up-to-date information for all rowers and at least one parent/guardian each season to facilitate team communications (practice times, regatta information, clothing orders, establishing carpools, emergency contact, etc.).

Be sure to read both the HRA Code of Conduct Policy and the HRA Financial Commitment Policy. Submitting this form indicates that both the rower and the rower's parents agree to the terms of both policies.

STEP 6. Pay HRA Assessment

The assessment is $575. This assessment provides coverage of the operating expenses plus a small amount for unexpected costs and to maintain the cash reserve.

A limited number of scholarships are available. Please download the Scholarship Application

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