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Support Huron Crew

There are many, easy ways to support Huron Rowing Association. Check out these easy options:

  • Enroll in Kroger's Community Rewards Program through your Plus card

    • Sign into your Kroger Account

    • Select Community Rewards

    • Search for Huron Rowing Association (Organization #BW166)

    • Save your information

  • Enroll in Busch's Cash for Education​ through their MyWay account

    • Log into to your Busch's MyWay​ account

    • Select your name, then select Cash for Education from the drop down menu

    • Scroll down and select Huron Rowing Association from the drop down menu

    • Make sure to enter your rower's name on the Student's Name box - if you do, Busch's will let HRA know who contributed and you will earn a point per $1 spent!

    • Select the Add to Future Quarters box

    • Set a reminder to update your MyWay each year in January

  • Shop at the PTO Thrift Shop at 2280 S. Industrial Hwy. The more you donate or shop, the more the PTO Thrift Shop is able to donate to area school and clubs!The PTO Thrift Shop is a fantastic partner of Huron Rowing. 

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