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OPEN HOUSE 6/3 from 10 am-noon

Wear t-shirt, shorts, and running shoes.  Bring a water bottle.

Co-ed, no cuts.  

We're looking for Coaches!  

Contact Mike Taft  yazbo822 AT or info AT for more information


Driver(s) wanted for transporting boats to regattas, usually the evening prior to the race.  Ideally, driver provides own truck.


  • three-quarter ton capacity minimum 

  • electric brake capability

  • towing package

Lessons on driving 55 foot trailer can be given

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Support HRA

“This sport doesn’t just turn you into a rower.  It turns you into the person you were meant to be.”

Consider supporting HRA's mission to promote the sport of rowing, to encourage and support the academic achievement of our student athletes, and to provide the resources necessary to run a successful, competitive program.  


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