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Frequently Asked Questions

**We are new to the sport of rowing. Where can I learn more?

Visit the HRA Website, click "About Us" and select the “Important Links” tab. You will see US Rowing has a great overview available as a resource. And, when in doubt don’t be afraid to reach out to our coaches and board members. We are here to support you!

**Are there any requirements to join the team?

Yes, please make sure you visit the HRA Website, hover over the “Registration Information” tab and review the following pages, “Team Requirements & Commitments” as well as “The Registration Process".

**How do I register & pay assessment fees?

All HRA families can now register and pay their assessment fees right on the HRA Website by selecting the “Register” box in the upper right-hand corner of the HRA Website Homepage. All users will need to create an account before they will be able to register. Established users can simply sign in.

**What is the cost?

AAPS requires all athletes to “Pay to Participate”. This one time per year fee is $265 and once paid covers the costs for all sports throughout the school year. This is paid through Ann Arbor Rec & Ed. Visit the "Important Links" to direct you to their website. The Pay to Participate fee is a "Sports & Insurance Fee".

HRA has an Assessment Fee for each season. The fees are $575 for the Fall Season & $575 for the Spring Season. (You do not have to row both seasons. Fall is a club sport and Spring is Scholastic). We also offer Winter Conditioning & Summer Conditioning, and those costs vary and will be announced in advance. Participation in Winter & Summer Conditioning is encouraged, but it is not required.

For your convenience, HRA does offer optional payment plans which are available during the checkout process. If you have concerns regarding cost and require financial assistance, you can apply for our Scholarship Program. Visit the HRA website, click "About Us" and select the tab “Documents & Forms”. Here you will find the Scholarship Application.

**Why is the cost so high?

We do our very best to keep costs as low as possible. However, rowing is an expensive sport. But why?

#1. Having enough coaches on the water for appropriate supervision and rower development requires an investment in launches as well as coaching staff.

#2. Our largest cost is that to acquire and maintain our fleet.  Modern crew boats are expensive to purchase, insure and maintain–a new quad typically costs close to $35,000, for example, before adding $3,000 to purchase oars for it–that works out to over $8,000 per seat).  High quality boats are fairly durable, but with heavy use boats gradually break down and lose their structural integrity over time and need to be replaced after many seasons. In the same way that a used car loses value or depreciates, boats, too, lose some of their value as they are used over many seasons.  By accounting for depreciation in the budget, we ensure adequate funds are available to pay down loans and purchase new equipment.    

#3. We receive very limited funds from the school to offset our expenses.  

**What equipment will my rower need?

All Novice rowers will be required to purchase a “Novice T-Shirt” and our JV/Varsity rowers will be required to purchase a “Uni”. Our Spirit Wear & Apparel Representative will be in contact at the beginning of the season regarding these items, but if you have questions, you can contact [email protected].

Additionally, while not required, it is suggested to purchase slide sandals or crocs as well as polarized sunglasses, a sports bag, water bottle, coat/windbreaker and a visor.

*HRA does have team branded visors and windbreakers as well as a variety of other spirit wear and apparel available for purchase. Visit the HRA Website and click on the “Spirit Wear” tab to view the online store.

**Where do we practice and attend regattas?

Fall, Spring & Summer Practices are held at Bandemer Park/Argo Pond on the Huron River. Huron High School & Pioneer High School share a boathouse with Ann Arbor Rowing Club. The physical address for map purposes is 1325 Lake Shore Drive, Ann Arbor.

Winter Conditioning is located in "The Dungeon" located at Huron High School.

Regatta locations vary each season but check out "Quick View-Regatta Schedule" on the HRA Website.

**What happens during a regatta?

Be ready for a long day and come prepared! Regattas are the competitions associated with rowing. Races are scheduled throughout the day and it is a process getting the boats on and off the water as well as ready to race.
Our coaches do they very best to provide you as much information as possible regarding the regatta including location, time, race line ups etc.

The rowers will typically be in the vicinity of the Team Tents enjoying Regatta Support (meals, snacks and drinks), resting, or even doing some homework! They also provide dock support as needed for their teammates.

As for parents/families/friends, we encourage you sign up for a shift with Regatta Support sometime throughout the day. It takes a village to assure we are providing our rowers hot, nutritious meals that will give them the energy they need to perform well.

Otherwise, you can spend your time checking out the race course. Some race sites have onsite food and apparel vendors and often the courses offer an opportunity to stretch your legs up and down the waterfront. Suggested items you might like to have during a regatta include: camping chair, blanket, snacks/picnic lunch, extra set of clothes for your rower including socks, a hat and sunscreen. It is also suggested you check the weather forecast and dress in layers and take into account we are on the waterfront.

Please note, only rowers and coaches are allowed in the boat staging area during the regatta.

**Do rowers receive awards/letters?

 Yes. These are distributed at our end of season banquets. Please note, rowers are considered "Novice" until they complete 1 entire year of rowing.

**Do you need volunteers?

Absolutely! If you have a lot of time to give; great! If your time is limited; that’s ok! We have opportunities for all levels of availability. Please check out our volunteer opportunities on the HRA Website by selecting "Volunteer & Scholarship Opportunities."




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